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Learn to Golf Program

A program designed for beginning golfers with no experience eager to acquire fundamentals like posture, stance, grip and basic swing skills.

Coaching Program
A program designed for golfers seeking to lower their scores with overall performance through long term learning and skill acquisition.
Basic Fundamentals Program

A program designed for the recreational player looking to reinforce proper fundamentals and develop better understanding of basic mechanical concepts.

Baseline Test

Baseline testing is the starting point in your Golf Lab journey. We measure and understand your current swing, current equipment, and your body’s mobility so we can identify opportunities and possible limitations in your game.


Our membership program is for golfers seeking consistent guidance, training and practice to enhance their overall game improvement.

Training Program

Four training programs tailored to help student improve in four specific aspects of their game.

· Solid Contact

· Shot Shaper

· Power Golf

· Short Game

Future Stars Junior Development Program

Our Future Stars Junior Development Program is designed for new and beginner junior golfers to learn in an interactive and fun learning environment that can cultivate a champion in them.

Club Fitting

Driver Optimization

Our driver optimization will get you hitting further with tighter dispersion. Utilizing our proprietary Speed Set Protocol, we optimize ball speed, consistency of face-to-path delivery, closure rate and club head optimization for peak performance.

Putter Optimization

Have you heard the phrase, "Drive for show, putt for dough"? You got that right, owning an optimized putter will lower your scores in the shortest possible time.

Iron Optimization

Our Iron Optimization will make it easier for you to hit consistent and optimal distance that gets you closer to the hole. Similar to our Driver Optimization, our proprietary Speed Set Protocol is used during the optimization.

Gapping Analysis

Ever wondered why some of your clubs goes the same distance although they are different? A gapping analysis will provide you with a Baseline of the distance of each clubs in your bag and from there, we will advise you on changes that are needed. It also includes loft & lie adjustments.

Here's what our clients say

”I stop playing golf since 2006. Recently, I started to pick up golf and having trouble to get consistant strike. I went to Garden Golf Lab and met Ryan Kimber. He analysed my swing and helped me to fix my early extension problem in my golf swing. After 3 lessons, I improved a lot on ball striking and I can hit 7 iron at 150-160m range compared to 140m before I met Ryan.

Ryan also custom selected a good driver for me. With the new driver, I can get 250-270m carry. Really love it! Thanks to Rya. He is a very good coach if you are looking to improve your game.”

- Jack Khoo (The Gardens Mall)

”As a training facility, Golf Lab is the top. We see and analyse what the eyes cannot see. Mr David Toplis, the Pro teaching & guiding me after 4 out of 8 lessons has helped me improve my swing speed by another 08 MPH. The other thing David has improved my swing is that, for the same swing speed, I’m able to improve my carry distance. Meaning my swing with the same effort is hitting further. Things synchronised better. On the course, it works and with more practice, I can be consistent. I’m one happy golfer.”

- Dato Zulkifli Abdul Mokti (The Gardens Mall)

”TL;DR: 100% would recommend lessons with Hans if you're serious about improving your game.

Story time:

Stumbled upon The Golf Lab when I was looking to get my putter regripped. Met Hans (@hansjamil_thegolflab) and got talking about improving my game.. Who knew it wasn't as simple as buying new clubs...Haha. Found him to be very candid and honest with his feedback, which led me to enquire more about classes.

Firstly, the setup at TGL is second to none. If you're like me, and 1) learn through visual feedback and data, 2) believe in using technology in golf, this is the place for you. Professional level of insight available to the masses. Something which would have been unattainable a few short years ago. TGL also leverages on their network of pros and coaches, ensuring that no problem is too difficult to solve.

I've been taking lesson with Hans for just over a month and I've gained so much knowledge. He's never kedekut to share, goes the extra mile and is invested in his students (either that or my swing gives him nightmares and he has to fix it to finally get a good night's sleep :D). Through my many many struggles, Hans has remained patient and steadfast in finding effective solutions. When I'm having practice sessions at the bays, he'd pop in during his downtime to monitor and provide guidance.

Not cheap, but well worth it. Pop in for a consultation before committing. I guarantee you won't regret it.”

- Manimogan Madi (Tropicana Gardens)

”Noel is awesome coach and uses high tech equipment to help the students visualise their swing.. which means it’s easier to understand what needs to be achieved for improvement. Managed to get additional 20 yards after 2 lessons!!!”

- Megat Shah (Tropicana Gardens Mall)

”Lincoln is very professional and experienced in providing the techniques for me to improve my swing. I have seen huge improvement in my distance and accuracy just after an hour of lesson. Lincoln also gave me an introduction to club fittings and it was a very good session! Highly recommended for those who are new to golf and those who are looking to improve their game.”

- JJ Liang (City Square Mall)

”Went down to CITY SQUARE MALL today to try out the most suitable shaft to match the PXG G5 irons. Was served by Professional club fitter Mr. Ungku Rahman. He came across as extremely knowledgeable, well educated in golf fitting school in the UK (3years). Tried many combi to find the right shaft type base on my swing and speed. He’s patient, unbiased and non the pushy guy in town! No pressure! Finally selected the Pxg iron and the matching shafts. 👍👍🙏🙏 He did open customers wallet happily 🤗 Happy golfing 🏌️‍♂️”

- J L (City Square Mall)

”The GEARS and Swing Catalyst were worth it, highly recommended every golfer to try before buying new golf clubs . Must know what your body is capable of before parting your hard earn cash on latest driver . Ask for Damian Chin was referred by friend , real expert in golf knowledge”

- JAG吴大 (Gurney Paragon)

”its our 3rd lesson with Chris, and my partner and i absolutely love it! We improved much from the 1st class under the guidance of Chris. Really recommend and enjoy the lessons every week!!”

- Jozhen Oon (Gurney Paragon)

”Marlon is the most patient fitter I have ever met and his service is simply fantastic. He has excellent technical knowledge and his advice is objective regardless of price point. It has been a wonderful experience. Highly recommended. After today, because of Marlon I am a proud owner of a customised set of golf clubs.”

- EP (Scotts Square)

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